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Livescan Florida Fingerprinting

Many industries and regulatory agencies in the state of Florida require the submission of a complete set of legible fingerprints to facilitate Level 2 background checks necessary for many reasons, such as licensing, employment, or working with children. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has approved FastFingerprints to provide Level 2 Livescan electronic fingerprints. If you are required by the Agency for Health Care Administration, Department of Health, Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Department of Children and Families, Department of Education, Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System (VECHS), Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or other organizations to submit a Level 2 Livescan background check, visit one of our convenient FastFingerprints locations throughout the state of Florida for a quick and efficient fingerprinting solution.

Pricing for in-state Florida Level 2 Background Checks:

  • $75.00 - Florida Level 2 without AHCA Photo
  • $94.00 - Florida Level 2 with AHCA Photo

Pricing for out-of-state Florida Level 2 Background Checks:

  • $79.00 - Florida Level 2 without AHCA Photo
  • $99.00 - Florida Level 2 with AHCA Photo

FastFingerprints is committed to helping businesses and families protect themselves in every possible way. Make sure you choose the fastest, easiest and most secure way to perform an electronic fingerprint based background check on your associates.

Livescan Florida Fingerprinting Locations (Nationwide):
FastFingerprints Florida has a network of out-of-state Florida live scan locations that can capture approved Florida Level 2 Livescan fingerprints (with or without AHCA photo) electronically and transmit directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). For a complete list of Florida FastFingerprints livescan locations, located outside the state of Florida, click here.
Fingerprint Card Scanning:

FastFingerprints can also submit FBI fingerprint cards (FD-258) electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Our Fingerprint Card Scanning service can be performed for individuals not currently living in Florida but requiring a Level 2 Livescan background check. All completed fingerprint cards are processed within 2-4 business days of delivery to the National Background Check, Inc (FastFingerprints’ parent company) corporate office in Columbus, Ohio. Upon Receipt, FDLE can process the fingerprints within two business days and the intended recipient (State Agency) is notified of the results. Please note: Every transaction needs an ORI#. To obtain this number please contact the agency who is requesting the background check.

  1. Have your fingerprints rolled onto two FBI (FD-258) fingerprint cards at a local police department or law enforcement agency. Print Cards Here, or use the FD-258 Fingerprint cards provided by a law enforcement agency.
  2. Download the Florida Card Scanning Form Here. Complete this form and include the ORI#. NOTE: If the ORI# is not included it will delay processing.
  3. Send your two complete fingerprint cards, Florida Card Scanning Form, and payment to

    Florida Card Scanning Division
    9280 Bay Plaza Blvd #712
    Tampa, FL 33619

    *Note: Please do not fold or bend the fingerprint card(s) when mailing them to FastFingerprints. Also, please mail them in a large envelope.

  4. All completed fingerprint cards are processed within 2-4 business days of delivery to FastFingerprints’ Florida Card Scanning Division in Columbus, Ohio.

Public Records Background Check Investigation

Additional non fingerprint based background check information can be obtained through our Background Check Investigations Division. Please contact National Background Check, Inc. for more information about our public record search services:

  • Civil Record Search – The Civil Record Search Report is completed at the county level. This report will provide information about lawsuits to which the applicant is – or has been – a party.
  • Criminal Background Search – The Criminal Background Search Report can be completed at the county, state and national levels. This report will detail any convictions the individual may have had.
  • Driving History Search – The Driving History Search Report returns the driving history of the individual. Some states require an additional release form to be signed by the individual.
  • Federal Criminal Report – The Federal Criminal Report details any criminal history the individual has at the federal level.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Verification.
  • Registered Sex Offender Search.

If you are an individual needing background check investigation services, click here to download the order form!

If you are a company needing background check investigation services for your employees, please click here to start the process online via web portal.

Expedited FBI Background Checks

FastFingerprints’ parent company, National Background Check, Inc. (NBCI), is one of a few companies in the United States to be recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as an approved FBI Channeling Agency. NBCI can obtain expedited FBI Background Checks for non-criminal applicants by submitting fingerprint cards directly to the FBI. Under DO-556-73 an individual may obtain a copy of his/her FBI criminal background check through a channeling agency for the following reasons:

  • personal reasons and/or correction purposes
  • to challenge the information on their record
  • to satisfy certain legal requirements such as a requirement for adopting a child or immigration to another country
  • to satisfy a requirement to live, work, or travel in a foreign country or obtain a student or work visa
  • and/or other court-related matters.

To register for an Expedite FBI Background Check service, click here. Minors under the age of 18 must also submit a parental consent form with their application. For more information about how to obtain your expedited FBI background check/criminal history report please visit or contact us at 877-932-2435. Payment is processed prior to processing background check and refunds can be issued until the background check is submitted to the FBI for up to 90 days.

Only NBCI’s corporate office in Westerville, OH can process Expedited FBI Background Check requests.

For more information about how to obtain your personal FBI background check visit

Applicants have the right to report a PII breach to the FBI should you believe your personal information has been compromised. Applicants also have the right to challenge or correct the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the background report. A copy of the Applicant Rights Brochure and the FBI Privacy Act Statement can be downloaded at the links below.

Applicant Rights Brochure
FBI Privacy Act Statement

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